4 - 11 July 2020



premiere: 4th of July

Toxic slag heaps, muck, slime and sediments; ash from power plants and volcanoes; broken glass and ceramics. Every year, we produce several million tonnes of such waste. In the third series of exhibitions about the search for new materials, we reach for the dirty and the hazardous. Poisonous and mordant.

Awareness of climate change is becoming increasingly widespread and the news we are receiving about it is increasingly worrisome. Natural resources are running out, the exhaust fumes emitted into the atmosphere have shrouded the world in grey fog; temperatures are rising, forests are burning, rivers are drying up, glaciers are melting.

More information soon in our guide. Premiere on 4th of July!



  • She is an exhibition curator and design theoretician, programme director of the School of Form at SWPS University. She has sat on the jury of numerous competitions and is a member of the programme and consulting councils of design festivals in Gdynia, Łódź and Prague (Designblok). Between 2008 and 2012, she worked as the artistic director of Łódź Design Festival. In 2000, she introduced the Polish edition of Elle Decoration and until 2007 she was its editor-in-chief. Graduate of the PWSSP in Gdańsk, she lives in Warsaw.

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  • A designer, researcher and educator. An Associate Professor at Pratt Institute in New York and Assistant Professor at School of Form in Poznań, Poland. He has been designing for leading firms and institutions from Europe and United States including: Deutsche Bank, Martinelli Luce, Meble Vox and Terma Group. His projects were exhibited in London, Milan, Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Washington DC, New York and many other cities. A graduate of the Spatial Design program in Falmouth College of Art in Great Britain. He also holds a doctoral degree in design and master’s degree in interior design both form Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. Today he lives and works between New York, Warsaw and Poznań.

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