4 - 11 July 2020

Data are emotions. Emotions are data


premiere: 4th of July

Two seemingly distant concepts—data and emotions—have surprisingly much in common. There is a subtle link between them, namely design, or more precisely the sensitivity and imagination of designers, who incorporate into their toolkit the knowledge and skills of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence specialists for the benefit of people and their needs

We all use data on a daily basis. This happens when we use a mobile phone, check directions to a particular destination or look for a recipe for tomato soup. We often do not even realize that in such situations we use and produce data, as well as interact with solutions based on artificial intelligence. In practice, we leave many digital traces.

More information soon in our guide. Premiere on 4th of July!


  • Design graduate and author of numerous publications on design in specialist and popular magazines. Since 2005 she has been affiliated with the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where she works as Assistant Professor, heading the Faculty of Theory and History of Design. Between 2011 and 2012 she lectured at Universidad Europea de Madrid.

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  • Information technology graduate and design researcher. Her urge to make technology more humane has driven her towards a career in design. As part of her PhD studies at Tallinn University in Estonia, she is conducting research on service design entitled “Actionable service design deliverables”. She is the author of numerous scientific publications in the field of service design and design methods. Rutkowska is a member of IDEO U Community of Practice, a group of practitioners who, under the patronage of IDEO, develop their competences in the area of creative leadership. Since 2013 she has been one of the authors of the “User Experience and Product Design in Poland” report.

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