4 - 11 July 2020

More no more


premiere: 4th July

It has been calculated that if all the people of the Earth were to consume as much as the inhabitants of developed countries, we would need 3-5 planets to maintain our lifestyle. We currently use 32 times more of all global resources than the majority of the populations in the developing world.

The exhibition shows the importance of understanding the objects we surround ourselves with. Where do they come from? Where and under what conditions are they brought about? How much material was used to create them? Confronting the impact of our material culture allows for a new conversation and the possibility of a new model for society, a healthier one, based on respect for the environment and an optimal rate of resource exploitation.

More information soon in our guide. Premiere on 4th of July!


  • Designer, working on the intersection of design, architecture and art. She studied social sciences at the University of Wroclaw in Poland and the University of Zurich in Switzerland, design at Kingston University London, then she graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. She founded her design studio in the Netherlands in 2011.

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